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Welcome to CAI Wire, the premier source for single and multi conductor high temperature and high voltage wire and cables. We are privately owned and operated distributor, and we work closely with USA manufacturers to offer quality products to our customers. We offer extensive line of products and knowledgeable staff members to help our clients with their cable needs. CAI Wire specializes in cables rated 150C through 1000C and up to 50,000V DC. We service the aerospace, military, automotive and oil and gas industries.

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At Certified Appliance and Industrial Wire, our mission is to provide high-quality wire and cable solutions to businesses and consumers alike. We strive to offer a wide range of products that meet the unique  needs of each of our clients, with a focus on safety, durability, and reliability. Through our commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service, we air to become the go-to source for all your wire and cable needs.




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Certified Appliance and Industrial Wire was founded by a team of experienced professionals who shared a passion for providing high-quality wire and cable solutions to customers. With decades of combined experience in the industry, the team has established the company as a trusted source for custom wire and cable products. Today, Certified Appliance and Industrial Wire continues to grow and thrive under the guidance of its dedicated team of experts, who remain committed to delivering exceptional service and value to their customers.

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Certified Appliance and Industrial Wire provided excellent customer service and delivered high-quality wire products on time.

Corey Roberts

I was impressed with the wide selection of certified wire and cable options available at Certified Appliance and Industrial Wire.

Jenna Smith

The knowledgeable staff at Certified Appliance and Industrial Wire helped me find the perfect wire solution for my industrial project.

Samuel Stevens

Quality Industrial Electric Wire and Cable Only at Cai Wire!

CAI Wire offers high quality industrial electric wire and cable that are crucial components in the infrastructure of modern industries.

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Our products facilitate the transmission of electrical power and signals essential for the operation of machinery, equipment, and systems in various sectors such as manufacturing, construction, energy, and telecommunications. The term “industrial wire” encompasses a range of wire types, including electrical wires, control cables, instrumentation cables, and specialized wires for specific industries. Industrial wires are designed to withstand harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, mechanical stress, and other challenging environments.


What are the most common types of industrial wire

There are several types of industrial wire, including industrial extension wire, that can be found on the market, depending on the needs and wants of the business.

Industrial electrical wire and cable are applied to conduct electrical power in industrialized settings. It can be divided into three separate subcategories:

  • Low Voltage (LV) industrial electric wire and cable: Used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications where voltage levels are up to 1 kV.
  • Medium Voltage (MV) industrial electric wire and cable: Suitable for voltage levels from 1 kV to 35 kV, often used in industrial power distribution, large-scale infrastructure projects, and power plants.
  • High Voltage (HV) industrial electric wire and cable: Designed for voltages above 35 kV, utilized in power transmission networks, and in heavy industries like mining and large-scale manufacturing.

Control and instrumentation industrial wire and cables are commonly used for transmitting control signals and data to equipment in industrial environments. Instrumentation industrial wire can carry low-voltage signals for monitoring and control purposes. High-Temperature industrial electric wire and cable are crucial components when it comes to environments with high temperatures. When it comes to industrial wire, there are many other types, like coaxial, fiber optic cables, welding wire, industries utilizing industrial wire, and much more!


What are the different applications of industrial electrical wire and cable?

Industrial electrical wire and cable are essential components in numerous applications across various industries, designed to handle different electrical loads, environmental conditions, and mechanical stresses.

In power transmission and distribution, high voltage industrial electric wire and cable transmit electricity from power plants to substations, while medium and low voltage cables distribute electricity from substations to industrial facilities and within industrial plants. These applications are crucial for utility infrastructure, industrial power systems, and renewable energy installations like solar and wind farms.

Automation and control systems rely on control cables for signal transmission in automated systems. This is evident in conveyor belts, industrial robots, automated assembly lines, and CNC machines, where precise control and reliability are paramount.

Instrumentation and measurement applications use instrumentation industrial wire and cable to carry low-voltage signals for monitoring and control. These are vital in process control systems within chemical plants, oil refineries, and manufacturing facilities, ensuring accurate data transmission and system functionality.

Communication systems benefit from coaxial cables for high-frequency electrical signal transmission and fiber optic cables for data transmission as light signals. These industrial wire and cable support industrial Ethernet, control system networks, telecommunication infrastructure, and video surveillance systems, facilitating robust and high-speed communication.

In heating applications, high-temperature industrial electric wire and cable is designed to operate in extreme conditions, such as furnaces, ovens, kilns, and other high-temperature industrial equipment, ensuring reliable performance under thermal stress.

Motor and machinery industrial wiring utilizes flexible cables to provide power to motors and machinery, including electric motors, industrial pumps, HVAC systems, and machine tools. These industrial electric wires and cables are critical for the smooth operation of various industrial machines.

Lighting systems in industrial environments rely on lighting industrial wire and cables for indoor and outdoor illumination, covering factory floors, warehouses, outdoor industrial areas, and safety lighting systems, ensuring adequate visibility and safety.

Data and signal transmission applications use twisted pair cables for networking and communication purposes, essential for LAN networks, telephone systems, and data acquisition systems in industrial settings.

Specialized applications include mining industrial wire and cables, designed to withstand harsh underground conditions, used in mining equipment, tunneling machinery, and underground power systems. Marine and offshore industrial wire and cables serve maritime and offshore environments, such as ships, oil rigs, and offshore wind farms, while railway cables are used for signaling and power supply in railway systems, ensuring train signaling, power supply for trains, and railway station infrastructure.

Renewable energy systems use solar industrial electric wire and cables in photovoltaic (PV) systems and wind turbine cables in wind power installations, connecting solar panels, wind turbines, and battery storage systems to harness renewable energy efficiently.

Emergency and safety systems require fire-resistant industrial electric wire and cables that maintain functionality during a fire, supporting fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, and evacuation systems. Industrial buildings and facilities use industrial wire to provide power throughout, wiring for lighting, heating, air conditioning, and general power outlets, ensuring a reliable power supply in industrial settings.

Each of these applications demands specific types of industrial electrical wire and cable, designed to meet the unique environmental and electrical load requirements, manufactured to comply with stringent safety and performance standards for reliability and efficiency in industrial operations.


What is industrial extension wire and what is it used for?

Industrial extension wire, commonly known as an industrial extension cord, is a heavy-duty electrical cable designed for use in demanding industrial environments. Industrial extension wire is built to withstand harsh conditions, such as exposure to moisture, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and mechanical wear and tear. Usually, industrial extension wire is constructed with durable materials, featuring thick insulation and robust connectors to ensure safety and reliability.

The primary purpose of industrial extension wires is to provide temporary or extended electrical power to equipment and tools that are located far from fixed power outlets. Industrial extension wire is essential in various industrial settings where flexibility and mobility are required. For instance, in construction sites, industrial extension wire power heavy machinery, portable tools, lighting, and temporary offices, facilitating operations across the site. In manufacturing plants, industrial extension wires extend the reach of power to machinery, assembly lines, and testing equipment, allowing for more flexible workspace layouts.

Industrial extension wires are also used in warehouses and distribution centers to power conveyor systems, lighting, and other essential equipment, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. In outdoor and remote locations, such as oil rigs, mining sites, and agricultural fields, these industrial extension wires enable the use of electrical equipment in areas without permanent power infrastructure, supporting various tasks like drilling, processing, and irrigation.


If you need industrial electrical wire and cable, don’t hesitate – contact our team and we will help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs!


Quality Industrial Electric Wire and Cable Only at Cai Wire!

What are the most common types of industrial wire

What are the different applications of industrial electrical wire and cable?

What is industrial extension wire and what is it used for?

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