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In our low temperature cable line we offer MTW, PVC, SIS, XHHW, THHN and EPDM wires and many more. Those UL wires are primarily used in dry locations of wiring electrical switchboards, control panels and electronics. They also provide heat resistance and high abrasion, making them suitable for various internal wiring applications. Temperature ratings in this category range from 90°C to 125°C employing  bare or tin plated copper conductors. We offer sized based on NEC from 18 AWG to 4/0 AWG.  

*Detailed specifications are available upon request.



We offer a wide selection of in-stock Mil- Spec products including MIL-W-22759, MIL-W-27500 and MIL-W-16878. These are available in a variety of conductors, insulations, AWG sizes, voltage and temperature ratings to ensure that our customers are best suited to meet their specific applications. Used in many military, commercial and aerospace industries, our Mil spec wires can meet many
of the requirements for these markets, such as high temperature, abrasion and
cut-through resistance, low outgassing and reduced flame propagation in addition
to small overall dimensions.

*Detailed specifications are available upon request.



We offer a variety of Teflon® insulated wires, including FEP (200°C), PFA (250°C) and ETFE (150°C ) which are suitable for a wide range of high temperature, chemical, electrical and medical applications. Popular UL styles are 10086, 1330, 10362 and  1727, all with 600V rating. Teflon insulated wires are  used in applications involving high temperatures and harsh environments.
FEP insulation is inert in most chemical environments and exhibits excellent resistance to high temperatures.  Teflon insulated wires also has very low flammability, excellent weather resistance and electrical stability therefore is commonly used in chemical, electrical, and medical applications.

*Detailed specifications are available upon request.



SRML (Silicone Rubber Motor Lead) wire features stranded tin-plated annealed copper conductor. It is a high-temperature wire that may be used as motor lead wire for hazardous locations and it can be rated to either 150°C or 200°C, but it has an overall voltage rating of 600V. SRML Wire features extruded silicone rubber with overall, non-fraying, fiberglass braid with glossy high temperature finish.

Popular UL Styles are 3074, 3071, 3075, 3231 and more.   For smaller AWG (18 AWG through 10 AWG) SRML is available in various colors, while for larger sizes (8AWG through 500MCM) black is the standard color. SRML wire performs well where flexibility and fire resistance are important. It can also be used as a lead wire for electrical equipment in high-temperature environments. 

*Detailed specifications are available upon request.



We offer a variety of TGGT (250C) and MG (450C-550C), 600V  fiberglass insulated wires. TGGT cable uses 2% Nickel Coated Copper conductor and is primarily used for the internal wiring of high-temperature appliances such as dryers, heaters, and furnaces. TGGT wire is available in several Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) UL 758 styles with varying thicknesses of Teflon and fiberglass insulation depending upon the particular standard. (the most popular being UL 5256 and UL 5196).

MG wires are made with 27% Nickel Coated Copper (Pure Nickel is an option) and are rated for 450C or 550C per UL. The wire features heat-resistant mica insulation and a fiberglass braid outer jacket. Popular UL Styles are UL 5107, 5359, 5128, 5400.  You can use MG wire for high-temperature industrial applications like smelters, ovens, and kilns. It has excellent chemical, moisture, and abrasion resistance.

*Detailed specifications are available upon request.



We offer a variety of high voltage wires with different temperature ratings:

  • 150°C silicone rubber insulated wires per UL 3239 or 10475 can have voltage ratings from 5KV to 60KVDC in AWG 2- 18 AWG. Offers great flexibility and is easy to stripe. Low smoke – zero halogen and UL VW-1 flame rating.
  • 250°C silicone rubber insulated wires per UL 3257 that offer 25KVDC/10KVAC rating. This UL style comes in standard (5/64″) and heavy (7/64″) built wall thickness with the most popular AWG sizes being 12 – 20 AWG.
  • 250°C Teflon insulated wire with 25KVDC rating. Made per UL 1911, this wire offers the smallest OD of 250°C high voltage wires for ease in installation. Great chemical and fluid resistance.

*Detailed specifications are available upon request.



The 1000°C rated wires offer superior high temperature and oxidation resistance. The wires are made using Pure Nickel Conductor  with high quality reinforced mica tape and ceramic fiber coating. Fire and chemical resistant with very low smoke emission when burned at rated temperature. Typical applications include furnaces, kilns and ovens. It is not recommended for flexing applications or outdoor use. Optional Stainless Steel braid can be applied over the ceramic fiberglass for mechanical protection. 

This group of wires is only offered as a single conductor in AWG from 2- 18 AWG.


*Detailed specifications are available upon request.



Here, at CAI wire we offer custom multiconductor cable solutions rated from 150C to 538C. We can use UL and/or CSA rated singles and cable them together. Jacket options include ETFE, FEP or PFA Teflon, as well as fiberglass. Many cables allow for manufacturing minimums as low as 500ft. This highly customizable option allows our customers to select the number of conductors and AWG, as well as shield type and jacket. Some popular options are SRG/K, UL Tray Cables and MG/GB. Optional Stainless Steel braid can also be applied over the jacket for extra mechanical and abrasion protection. Please reach out to our highly experienced staff members with your multi conductor cable specifications and we`ll do our best to find the best solution for your application!



We offer a variety of thermocouple wires as well, both in thermocouple and extension grade. Different thermocouple types (most common types used are K, J, N, etc.) use different mixtures of metals in the cable. They are typically used to maintain or monitor a component’s temperature in industrial processes where high heat is present, such as kilns, gas turbine exhaust diesel engines but can be applied in safety devices, such as flame sensors in gas-powered appliances. The insulation on thermocouple wire is color coded for identification.  Thermocouple grade wire is wire that is used to make the sensing point (or probe part) of the thermocouple while the extension grade wire is only used to extend a thermocouple signal from a probe back to the instrument reading the signal. 

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